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The Tobacco Control Resource Center (TCRC), founded in 1979 by doctors, academics, and attorneys, serves as an umbrella organization that implements tobacco control projects. These projects are funded through grants from institutions such as the National Cancer Institute, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the American Legacy Foundation and other key organizations. Through these grants, TCRC is able to work with tobacco control professionals to combat the appalling strategies used by the tobacco industry to debilitate public health.

TCRC pioneers creative tobacco control measures and is continually engaged in analyzing and drafting legislation locally, nationally, and internationally. TCRC works closely with tobacco control advocates, policy makers and attorneys to ensure that new regulations will withstand challenges from the tobacco industry. One of TCRC’s major contributions to the public health arena is the Tobacco Products Liability Project (TPLP), which uses litigation against the tobacco industry as a public health strategy.


“Back in 1984, when we founded the Tobacco Products Liability Project, the idea of using litigation to fight tobacco companies seemed ludicrous to many people. Now after years in the ‘desert,’ we are finally seeing a tremendous shift against the tobacco industry. We are committed to this fight, and I am confident that we can succeed in keeping the tobacco industry from addicting yet another generation.”

-- Professor Richard A. Daynard

The Tobacco Products Liability Project (TPLP) pursues a strategic approach to battling the tobacco epidemic by encouraging litigators to sue tobacco companies. As part of its general activities, TPLP sponsors an annual conference, refers potential plaintiffs to attorneys, provides an information clearinghouse, files amicus briefs, performs legal research and analysis in support of municipalities undertaking tobacco control, testifies at Congressional hearings, and gives workshops & lectures.

Products liability suits are a proven means of increasing public awareness about the dangers of cigarette smoking and of offsetting the billions of dollars spent annually by the tobacco industry in promoting deadly products. These lawsuits increase the cost of each pack of cigarettes, thereby discouraging consumption and new addiction to tobacco products, particularly among the children and young adults who are principal targets of tobacco advertising.


The Tobacco Products Liability Reporter (TPLR) is a journal published by Richard Daynard, president of TCRC. TPLR assembles an accurate chronicle of tobacco litigation, including key opinions and litigation documents in a user-friendly format. TPLR provides more comprehensive expert coverage of tobacco litigation and tobacco control issues than any journal out there. Subscribe today! 

For more information on TPLR, please visit www.tplr.com.



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